Automatic notifications

Thanks to our Content Managment System you can set e-mail notications when:

– A new record is inserted in your DataDyn (example: a user subscribes to your Newsletter)

– A record is confirmed via opt-in (email sent to confirm the subscription)

– A new record is enabled or disabled

– A new file is uploaded.

Someone doesn’t know that you can easily customize your notification and sending data regarding it.

Example: Simon Kjaer subscribes to your newsletter and he fills every field asked “First Name, Last Name, Birthdate, Gender, Email address”

Via Notification we can

a) Answere to Simon sending a pre-loaded email: “Thank you for your subscription”

b) Sending to the staff members a pre-loaded email: “Dear staff member a user has registered his profile”

c) Answere to Simon with a customized e-mail using his data: “Hello Simon, thanks for your subscription. Here’s your data: Simon Kjaer. Birthdate il: 17-12-1980.”

d) Sendint to the staff members an e-mail filled with everything the user set: “Dear staff member, Simon Kjaer has registered his profile. He is a Male and his birthdate is: 17-12-1980″

This way we can keep under track every user imput even if we don’t log in in our WebHat account.

To customize your notifications you just have to click on “Start -> DataDyn -> Entities List” , select your Entity and click on Notification.

More news to come for WebHat Content Managment System and WebHat Newsletter: software email marketing.

Stay tuned!