App Store: is approaching the milestone of 50 billion downloads!

A few days away from the tenth birthday of iTunes comes a great news: App Store is about to reach 50 billion apps downloaded.

A goal that could be achieved in a short time seen the dizzying pace at which the counter – visible both on the Apple App Store – grows.

App Store: is approaching the milestone of 50 billion downloads!

To celebrate this historic milestone, the Cupertino company will be raffling off a “gift card” of $ 10,000 to the person who will download the 50,000,000,000 App number! $ 500 will instead be provided to the first 50 subsequent users.

Anyone wishing to participate can sign up and see the regulations, to the following web address:

Why this is an important news for our sector?

A result of this type – if compared with the milestones achieved by the other competitors, Google Play first of all – it certainly tangible proof of how smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming part of everyday life users.

For this reason it is important, when you design a website, keep in mind that most users will display it on a mobile device.

In this regard, and in response to one of the most frequent questions we are asked, we would like to confirm that it is possible to optimize the sites built on WebHat CMS and WebHat eCommerce also for display on smartphone and tablet devices.

For more information, I refer you to some of our blog articles that deal with this issue in more depth:

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Stay tuned!