Smartphone beats PC. Italians prefer mobile internet.

Smartphone beat PC. Italians prefers mobile internet.

Internet is more and more present in our lives, for information, for communication, for entertainment; technological change and diffusion of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, have facilitated access to the network and brought online in everyday life.

Data distributed by Audiweb a few days ago of the total digital audience and the usage of internet and mobile referred to the quarter January / March 2014 detect online 25 million users including Italians in the age group between 18 and 74 years, and associated an average of 46 hours per month, which of 17 million are the Mobile audience (unique users who access the internet from smartphone or tablet), with an average access of 14.5 million/day.
The analysis of the use of different devices used for web navigation shows that 7.4 million Italians access the network only from the mobile, surpassing both pc users and those who adopt a combined navigation.

Who are they and what they prefer?
52% of users that browse through smartphones and tablets is included in the age group 18-34, is characterized by a constant non-stop enjoyment from 9 to 21 (note that the peak time of the internet is generally from 15 to 18) and uses the Internet mainly for social networks, sites or apps and entertainment portals, while for news or email is still preferred the PC.

The migration of the audience from PC to mobile is 10% per year: in the period between March 2013 and March 2014 the use of the tablet has grown by 113% and 7% of smartphones.

The changes in the users tastes and the evolution of surfing preferences are very important data for web and media agencies who have to design the online presence of its customers. The data emerging from the Audiweb study confirm the importance of providing users responsive website, accessible from any device, easy to navigate, streamlined layout and low loading times.

Smartphones and tablets also offer the opportunity to create new and different experiences of use, increasing the involvement of users and simplify the retrieval of information, making the surfing experience of our site fun and enjoyable.

The future of the web is increasingly user-centric and effectiveness of mobile communication becomes critical to develop a business and reputation of a brand.