iOS 8: the biggest iOS release is here!


iOS 8, the new version of Apple’s operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, will be released this evening introducing important functions in anticipation of the iPhone 6 arrivals. The update integrate new features and applications like Homekit and Health, for the management of the house and your own health, and introduce the support for the new Apple Pay payment system, which will be active in the USA from October.

Let’s see see the new iOS 8 features.

Notification Center
The notification center has been reviewed, introducing the ability to reply a message directly from the notification or to delete it, individually or collectively, with the classic scrolling from right to left. The default widget such as Weather and Calendar, can now be removed, sorted and it will be possible for developers to create their own widgets for the notification center.

The camera application has been improved with new settings that will be appreciated from selfie lovers and incorporates the ability to record time-laps video.

Messages, navigation and maps
iOS8 introduce small improvements in iMessage thah can send multimedia content (like WhatsApp), and in Safari browser that will allow you to easily switch to desktop site and use only some tab in private mode. In Maps app, Apple have added new cities in “Flyover” mode, including the Italian Milan, Rome, Ancona and Perugia.

The voice assistant Siri has been improved and now you can launch it by simply saying, “Hey, Siri” when the phone is connected to a power source (this can be useful if – for example – we are charging the phone while driving). In the first beta versions of iOS 8, thanks to an agreement between Apple and Shazam, Siri was able to recognize the song you were listening but unfortunately Apple have decided to temporarily remove the function because it’s still not perfect.

Clarity and simplicity are the prerogatives of the updates to privacy settings: the new pop-up will help users to understand which functions will access the applications (for example if they use our position in the background), and you can block the execution of the App through TouchID. Also, developers can use the TouchID for their applications: get ready to forget passwords!

Keyboard and battery
The most important and requested feature is related to the keyboard and battery usage. With iOS8 Apple provides developers the ability to create new keyboards so we can quickly install a different keyboard simply by downloading it from the AppStore. Also, to provide more information of the battery consumption, Apple added a new section called “Battery usage” where you can find detailed battery percentage use of single apps.

iCloud Drive
iCloud becomes iCloud Drive, and introduces the ability to save your documents and edit them with a variety of applications: in this way if we edit a document in an App, we will find the same document in another app, avoiding the creation of obsolete copies. Even iOS and OSX from now will be more integrated, allowing you to start work on one device and finish it on another (this function, as well as iCloud Drive, will be available only on mac after upgrading to OS X Yosemite which will arrive in autumn) .

Credit cards and family
iOS 8 introduces the option Family, linking multiple accounts to a single credit card. In this way, all purchases must be authorized from your “main” and will be freely available to all other members of the family.

With version 8, iOS is becoming more mature and “aligned” with competitors that have introduced some of this update features a long time ago.

The update will be available via OTA (Over the Air) or via iTunes for all devices from the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, as well as fifth-generation iPod Touch, although some older devices will not take advantage of all the new functions (for example the Flyover function is limited to newer devices).

We suggest to all owners of newer devices to update their device (after performing a full backup) to exploit the new benefits (also introduced in terms of reliability and speed). Owners of older device should wait a few days and search opinions on internet before upgrading, to avoid problems and delays in the apps execution.