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  • Here’s photos of the KeyCode Meeting 2013

    As promised, here’s photos and slides of the KeyCode Meeting 2013. We are still here to thank you all of you for your participation in this great event and we invite you to take a look at our ph...
    17 Sep, 2013 No Comments

  • Patch 8.5.3: diamonds are forever

    Hi, in these days our guys are working hard to test the WebHat new release. Many innovations, some of which were announced during the meeting that was held on the 7th of the current month in the beaut...
    13 Sep, 2013 No Comments

  • Thank you all for your participation

    If you have been to the last Saturday Keycode Meeting 2013 you will surely have fun as much as our staff. We want to thank all of you for your presence and participation, which have made this memorabl...
    09 Sep, 2013 No Comments

  • CSS Tooltip Generator

    Among many generators that we have already proposed, such as for the Stripe Pattern or Gradient Background, today we speak about a tooltip generator, useful to indicate more information for our users...
    03 Sep, 2013 No Comments

  • Patch 8.5.2: the new importer is now available!

    Hello to all, today I want to talk about the new importer, in fact not to let you go on holiday without a new feature, our guys have released an update of this handy tool. The importer allows any WebH...
    30 Aug, 2013 No Comments

  • WebHat Newsletter: add fields on the fly

    In this mini-guide will show you how to add new fields to lists and import your data into. All this is possible thanks to the new interface of WebHat Newsletter, in fact you won’t need anything ...
    05 Aug, 2013 No Comments

  • Grids are good

    In a design project using the grids is crucial to the project because they provide significant advantages: clarity, efficiency, order and continuity. Create a layout using the grid helps the user to f...
    01 Aug, 2013 No Comments

  • E-commerce: App or Mobile site

    We all know that the mobile world is essential fot on-line stores too, so it is important to understand which strategy to use to increase the number of potential customers. The accessibility of smart...
    30 Jul, 2013 No Comments

  • Coupons are an investment to grow the business!

    Groupon, Let’s Bonus, Groupalia and many others. The portals that allow you to give visibility to your products and services, in special offer, are numerous and well established. But what are th...
    25 Jul, 2013 No Comments

  • Webfont: space to creativity!

    The web design is always evolving and one of the greatest changes is certainly, from the point of view of design, the use of fonts. Before this “revolution” Web designers could only use a ...
    24 Jul, 2013 No Comments