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  • Patch 9.0.0: WebHat Highlight

    A few days ago we applied the new patch that accompanies WebHat to Highlight version. This release brings many improvements that will speed up your work and especially marks the preparation for the Ge...
    21 Oct, 2013 No Comments

  • 4 ways to improve your content on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn was launched in 2003 as the social network for professionals, and as a landmark of sorts for those who wanted an online space for their resume. Since then , the platform has grown coming to ...
    18 Oct, 2013 No Comments

  • E-mail Marketing Ebook

    The WebHat team is pleased to announce that soon we will publish the section reserved to our online ebook dedicated to e-mail marketing. Our guide contains essential tips related to each phase of the ...
    16 Oct, 2013 No Comments

  • WebHat Newsletter and Google+

    Now that Google+ is getting more attention from users, it’s time to write down a mini-guide on how to add a link for sharing your newsletter on Google’s social network. With Google+ sharin...
    16 Oct, 2013 No Comments

  • Have you already chosen the color of your business?

    The choice of color is essential to creating a website and an e-mail marketing campaign. Fortunately you can find online several tools that help you make the right decision! Kuler Adobe’s Kuler inc...
    09 Oct, 2013 No Comments

  • Make them find you on Google Places

    If you haven’t heard of Google Places we’ll explain what is it and why you should use it. It’s a system that Google uses to locate in the various organic searches, activities and com...
    30 Sep, 2013 No Comments

  • Is your password protecting you?

    Internet security it’ hard to master. An expert hacker can crack a pasword faster than a web page to load. It’s obviously important to protect yourself online. To sum up fast facts on the...
    27 Sep, 2013 No Comments

  • WebHat & Facebook!

    Have you visited our Facebook page? Not yet?! Well, then you missed our new timeline cover entirely dedicated to WebHat Highlight, the new version of WebHat that will be released soon. Would you like ...
    25 Sep, 2013 No Comments

  • HTML Generator

    Hello everyone, today we want to introduce, in the most practical way, the new feature introduced in WebHat, the HTML generator for forms. With this generator is immediate to implement a form, which i...
    23 Sep, 2013 No Comments

  • KeyCode Meeting 2013: relive it!

    We are pleased to inform you that from now you will see the first three speech supported by Enrico del Sordo and by our partner Joseph Gangi (Gigastudio) in the page dedicated to our last meeting. We ...
    18 Sep, 2013 No Comments