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  • Are started the work for the EZ’s portal.

    In this portal will be possible organize suppliers, quotes, products lists, customers and invoices. The new restricted area will be for more users, with password and username. The connections will be ...
    23 Feb, 2011 No Comments

  • Do you know that… you can filter the DataDyn records?

    Days ago, at an internal meeting of the staff, we had a little discussion about the functionality of our content management system, because many partners and final users don’t know them. So, we deci...
    23 Feb, 2011 No Comments

  • Maintenance Management for the portal “Suore Ospedaliere”.

    New, important project under construction for our Content Management System: the portal of  “Suore Ospedaliere del Sacro Cuore di Gesù”. The employees and the administrators, can require and mo...
    21 Feb, 2011 No Comments

  • New printed material for foreign partners.

    As you can read from our blog, in this weeks we did some demo about our CMS for foreign Web Agency, interested in a collaboration with our company. For this, we have planned the creation of  a new fo...
    21 Feb, 2011 No Comments


    Till now, with WebHat Newsletter, wasn’t possibleknow the users who removed themselves from the newsletter. But in this days, we are developing a new functionality, that permits to monitoring the de...
    16 Feb, 2011 No Comments


    This week started the work for the new version of our CMS WebHat. The official release date, with all the news and features, will be announced in the next days. I can’t say anything, but I tell you ...
    16 Feb, 2011 No Comments


    The Enerxenia society is still under development. This portal allows people to control and download in pdf format their bills online. All the project is place on our platform and exploit WebHat Extra...
    16 Feb, 2011 No Comments


    Recently a news states that the Smartphones passed the sales of PC in the last quarter of 2010: who reported that is IDC (International Data Corporation), that underlines how, for the first time of th...
    16 Feb, 2011 No Comments