Writing a post is a waste of time?

Whoever managed a blog can tell you how painfull it is.

This is why writing a post isn’t always usefull to your company since it requires so much time to:

– find the subject of your post

– argument your point of view doing some research

– write a draft

– review your draft either grammatically and conceptually

– graphical editing (adding images, highlight text, add anchors etc)

All this work requires time that you take away from projects, customers care and demos.

Is bloggin wrong then?


Posting news about your products/service help your customers to know who you are, what you do and how you do it.

This is why blogging can be very usefull, but be careful on how you do it!

Writing many posts, not concerning what you do or simply re-writing others post is a really bad idea because:

– you aren’t offering usefull info to your customers

– you aren’t helping the users to better know you or your brand

– you’re not helping potential users to know what you do

Try to blog only in these scenarios:

– you want to inform your customers about changes made to what you offer

– you want to tell them that you’re working in (or have already published) something new

– you want to get feedbacks from them

All this can be resumed in a simple advice:

Better having less posts than bad posts!

Stay tuned!