Make them find you on Google Places

If you haven’t heard of Google Places we’ll explain what is it and why you should use it. It’s a system that Google uses to locate in the various organic searches, activities and company profiles, so if you need to report your registered office, or even of your customers, this product gives a higher gear to go up in the top positions of Google.

This service is rapidly evolving and if previously allowed only to indicate the position, now it create a dedicated profile on Google+ with many other features.

Why should I use it?
This tool offers several opportunities to exploit:

  • First, you have a position of privilege, totally different from the natural positioning
  • a targeted location, linked to our search area.
  • the customer can immediately see our location
  • it automatically creates a profile dedicated to our business

Besides, when the user performs a targeted search will appear in a summary box on the right with also a map.

Schermata 09-2456566 alle 15.00.39

As is the case with other Google’s products also Places is totally free, of course, because the report of our business on a search engine is a common interest. So there is no reason why not take advantage of this tool and give an benefit to you and your customers.

Stay tuned!!!