Google’s Tools that you cannot live without

Working in the world of Web you will definitely heard of tools such as Webmaster(Adwords, Adsense, Analytics, etc. ..) Google to enhance the management and visibility of your website in terms of SEO. But we want to show you other useful services, offered by Google, which would help your online business.

1. Google Trends – This tool allows us to analyze the research carried out on Google search engine. It allows us to view the progress of a particular keyword, such as see who are searching for the name of our company or the popularity of some artist. In addition to having a list of the most searched keywords in different categories, it offers many other services that help the user to better understand the demands that are passed daily at the Big G. Must see Hot-Trends that shows, in a very particular way, popular searches.

2.Full Value of Mobile - a project designed with the aim to help marketing professionals to better understand the impact that mobile brings with it. So if you ever wondered how smartphone technology can help your business, Google will give you the right answers.

3.Google Think Insights – questo sito mostra soluzioni, case history, dati e informazioni utili alle aziende e ai professionisti che vogliono migliorarsi e crescere. Se cercate qualcosa di interessante, o anche solo per passare la giornata, questo è il posto ideale.

4. Google Keep – the new app that helps you, with a simple and intuitive interface, managing notes. You can access the service via web browser or with the appropriate app for mobile devices. Everything is synchronized in real time with Drive servers, in order to keep updated notes with smartphones and tablets.

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