What is Facebook EdgeRank and how can it help our marketing?

EdgeRankMost of Facebook users spend more than a quarter of his or her time on the site scrolling through the news feed. For users, that means a lot of baby pictures and stale memes. For brands this is a good opportunity.

You see, the Facebook brand page does not attract customers. Virtually every fan of a brand, such as Pepsi, will never return to that page after a “Like”. So what can be the best place to reach the consumer?

Of course the News Feed. Brands are finally embracing social marketing effectively, but there are still many things to learn about the strategies in the medium to long term to maintain this effective.

That’s where EdgeRank comes in. Whether you’re a brand or an average user, it is useful to understand what shows up in your News Feed and why.

Look at the info aside to learn about EdgeRank. And integrate you’re social choises with you’re email marketing campaigns, naturally with WebHat Newsletter!

Are you satisfied with what you see in your News Feed?