Webfont: space to creativity!

The web design is always evolving and one of the greatest changes is certainly, from the point of view of design, the use of fonts.

Before this “revolution” Web designers could only use a limited number of characters since it was possible to use only websafe font (Arial, Georgia, Helvetica, Lucida, Times New Roman, Verdana, …), that is, those characters that you know are installed on all computers. If you wanted to use a particular font the only way was to use the images.

From now you can use all the existing fonts considering only two limits: the license to use and optimization of character for the web.

The use of the webfont is very simple in fact are called in the style sheet of your site (using the @ font-face) and, if necessary loading the font on your web space (to use a webfont are required for each character: ttf , wof, eot, svg).

Below a list of the main services online webfont.


GoogleWebFont is free and has over 600 fonts. By using this service you do not need to load the fonts in your web space but just insert a call from the style sheet.

It ‘s probably the webfont service with the larger library. You pay a subscription and you can access all the characters. You create a project with one or more domains and associated characters.

To use Typekit (Adobe) you have to pay an annual subscription and access to their entire library.

You pay for single font and single weight (bold, regular, etc.).. There are few typefoundry, but only here you can find Verdana Pro and Georgia Pro.

These are the main services, but there are many others that offer disparate types of fonts also exclusively.
So space to creativity, choose the font that suits your communication within your site!

Stay tuned!