The importance of infrastructure

Today I would like to speak about the importance of infrastructure within a company.

KeyCode as with the other firms, to best ensure their services, they need infrastructure, in addition to performance, above all, reliable and redundant. For this reason our staff is always looking for suppliers who are able to fully meet our needs but above all of our partners.

Good example is the choice to divert some platforms for those partners that leverage the platform WebHat Newsletter heavily on the new offer WebHat Appliance Newsletter. This offer provides an opportunity to have a dedicated server with dedicated IP address, and included in the offer the functionality for “Embedded Images”, this in order to make an independent platform for email marketing campaigns.

As for those services that are on shared servers, we opted for proposals much more performance from every point of view, to ensure an excellent service for our partners and their customers.

Important attribute for hosting services, also is assistance that is guaranteed for any eventuality. Assistance shall also ensure that our guys to all sorts of our patner and their customers.

Stay tuned!