Some tips for a succesful e-mail marketing campaign (Part 1)

Having a reliable and secure platform for sending Newsletter is definitely the first step to obtain good results in their campaigns.

To improve performance, however, you can take some small steps.


The first step to take when planning a campaign of e-mail marketing is to identify the recipient of the communication. Although it may seem an obvious or unnecessary, in reality, be clear about your target writing it down on paper helps to define an appropriate message, both in style and in content, to those who will read it. The success of the campaign will depend, for the most part, from this aspect.


Jot what are the advantages that differentiate your company from the competition. Concentrate on what are the reasons why the customer should choose your services, and not those of another, and valued these aspects in the content of your newsletter. What matters in the market “business to business“, but also in the “business to customer“, is the relationship with the customer. Ask yourself what you know about your customers, or ask them what they expect from you. Make use of this information to create curiosity invogliandoli to deepen.


The communication on the web, compared to that conveyed by any other media, follows different logics. Try to be short and punchy allowing the recipient to seize the message. The language should be simple and clear, and should encourage action. Use active sentences (eg click here to explore, discover all the offers, etc..) And avoid passive sentences (eg, there are in-depth, you can consult the offers, etc..). It has been shown as a message of the first type obtains a conversion – in terms of clicks – higher than the latter.

These are the top tips that we would like to give to improve the performance of your campaigns. In the coming days I will post more …


Stay tuned!