Social eCommerce: Post on Facebook

Hi, today I want to share with you some pictures about Social eCommerce new features.Facebook post

In the next release it will be possible to tweet or post on facebook, a product of your eCommerce solution that you want to highlight.

This feature has been designed and introduced by the strategic importance that Social Network are becoming.

Social networks seems to be crucial in the early stages of post-sales and services, and they are preferred by users for sharing shopping experiences and to interact with a company. Success or failure of a product or service may also depend on the positive or negative comments shared on Facebook and Twitter, and already you can guess the great business opportunities and visibility offered by these channels.

WebHat post on Facebook

Optimal use of social networks can increase visits to your website and potential sales, even though what is called social eCommerce, i.e. direct sales on Social Networks by e-commerce sites, is currently still under development .

That said, be among the first, as always, can make a difference and increase return on investment. That’s why choosing the product WebHat eCommerce.

Stay Tuned!