Size matters, trust me!

No, we’re not crazy!

We are talking about Web Marketing more specifically about banner conversions / call to action related to the image’s dimension.

Many studies demostrated that the bigger the image is the more conversions it generates.

An authoritative example comes from DELL, the computer multinational,

in a landing page already well structurated with all the text “above the fold” (no need to scroll the page) they decided to replace the white background with a fullscreen image.

The result was extremely atonishing!

With this simple change their bounce rate ( users that leave the page after it loads ) decreased by 27% while leads improved by 36%.

Others important advise are connected to the call to action’s button, the bigger they are the more they get your attention and the more click you will get.

Another good practice is to use imperative verbs and not phrases: “CLICK HERE” gets way more click then “SUBMIT YOUR FORM”, “REGISTER TO OUR NEWSLETTER” or “DOWNLOAD THIS FILE”.

Keep this information in mind while creating your website with WebHat CMS.