Online security and malware. Spam loves Italy.

These days Trend Micro, a global leader in security software and solutions, has issued Cashing in on Digital Information, the 2013 Annual Security Rounup.

The number of online banking malware infections increased in 2013, thanks to sophisticated techniques to get hold of credit card numbers, bank accounts and personnally identifiable information; past year proved troublesome for users, also for cybercriminals’ improvement of existing tools.
On the mobile security front, the current volume of malware and high-risk app has reached roughly 1.4 million, with 1 million new malicious and high-risk apps found in 2013 alone.
In the vulnerability space, the end of support for Java™ 6 led to the rise of even more problems, which highlighted risks involved with not upgrading or continuing to use unsupported software versions.

Italian data are not encouraging.

Eighth of the countries most affected by malware targeted online banking, sharing this spot with Canada and Australia, Italy stands in fifth place in the ranking of countries at risk to privacy caused by apps.
Finally, the report confirms that Italy is loved by spammers: our nation is the third country in the world for sending spam and fifth in the number of botnets.

A negative record that worries operators of online marketing: an image that could have an impact on company which develop legal and safe solutions of bulk mailings for advertising purposes, respecting the law and the protection of personnally identifiable information.