Preparations for the meeting are advancing rapidly and I’ve been working on the video for the event.

As I did quite a good job I’m going to show you in this post how I achieved it and what tools I used.

My intent was creating an amusing video to introduce KeyCode staff.

As I had no video camera at all ( >.< ) I decided to use my iPhone 4 and it turned to be the right tool for what was on my mind.

  1. I filmed my colleagues for 5 seconds and I downloaded the movie (easy so far)
  2. I imported the movies in Adobe after Effect, converted them in grayscale and then I imported a transparent png to give the sequences a “disturbing” effect typical of old 70′s TVs.
  3. I then started working on the sound. I choose the right loop and I picked up some sound effects from youtube. Obviously I did not use soundtracks; only sounds of few notes. To download audio files (MP3) I used convertyoutube.
  4. I created a single audio track with Adobe Soundbooth.
  5. Eventually I imported both movies and my audio track in animoto. I chose a theme and 5 minutes after my movie in HD was ready.

The result is great considering that I made this video (it lasts one minute and a half) in less than a day’s work.