Google Analytics: track your campaigns with WebHat Newsletter

Hello everyone!

As almost all of you know, the Email Marketing campaigns are an easy way to attract quality visitors to your website. Therefore, it is important to label the contents of the newsletter with the proper tags to trace its effectiveness. This allows you to maximize your efforts and monitor the return on investment.

What are campaign tags? The “Campaign tags” are additional information that ca be applied to your links. Once the user clicks on the link, this information is passed to GA (Google Analytics). The links Tagged allow to estimate the individual connections within the e-mail messages.

Why draw the link? Let’s say we send a newsletter in January / February which does not use these tags, the Referring Sites report will only include visitors from webmail such as Gmail. But how do we know whether visitors to our website are originated from the campaign launched in January / February? There is no way to know unless you use campaign tags.

Visitors who clicked on a link from their email client, will be considered as direct traffic the same way as those who have visited the site by typing the address directly.

Google Analytics URL Builder tool is very useful for generating links tagged, but a much more usefull tool we find within WebHat Newsletter. In fact, during the composition of the message at the bottom of the window, we can just enable tracking with GA and set the name of the campaign. In this way, our campaign will be drawn with the integrated statistics of WebHat Newsletter and with Google Analytics.

WebHat Newsletter - Compose

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