Funnel chart Online!

Online on all servers, including on Newsletter Appliance, the latest patch created by the staff of KeyCode.

A very useful new feature is the Funnel Chart.

With Funnel Chart at a glance you can assess the performance of a DM (Direct Mail Marketing).

You can immediately identify the strengths and weaknesses of your email marketing campaign.

The percentages of messages delivered, read, and those received on the conversions are visually reworked returning useful information to improve the communication strategy!

Do you have many messages delivered but a very low percentage of read email?

Probably you have not well profiled your users.

You have a lot of reading but a few clicks?

The newsletter may be poorly constructed (for example: link not obvious) or it may have little inherent content (if users subscribe to the newsletter of a site about cars, do not have interest in email about the cookies).

All this information can be extrapolated from the Funnel Chart.

Big news to come to the Keycode Meeting 2012,

Stay Tuned!