E-mail marketing: the subject importance

E-mail marketing - WebHat NewsletterHello everyone,
have you prepared your email campaign today?

Have you created the graphic layout?
Have you searched and reworked the right image to capture the attention of your users?
Have you written, rewritten and summarized the content of your message?
Have you collected thousands of e-mail addresses and carefully divided them according to target?

Well, you should know that all this hard work will not be saw for a single moment if you did not study a good text for the subject line of your e-mail.
Do not forget that the contents of the “subject” and the “sender” will determine if your e-mail campaign will be immediately trashed or read.

So from today onwards, add in your planned activities for structuring an e-mail campaign: “DEFINE SUBJECT”.
The subject must communicate everything in a few words giving value to the content of the message.
It ‘a great challenge!

WebHat Newsletter do not forget to warn you of this lack!

Stay tuned!