Countdown for Internet Explorer 6 (…finally!)

As I said so many times through these pages I hate browsers that do not meet basic web standards. Whoever that has something to do with websites production will agree with me that Internet Explorer has always been the worst one in relation to adherence to standards. Although many strides have been made in the latest versions, Microsoft browser has still got a long way to go to catch up with its competitors.

While we hope that the 9th version of Internet Explorer manages to do something good we see with pleasure how Microsoft itself pushes for IE6 retirement. Mind you that Internet Explorer 6 is on the verge of its 10th (TENTH!) anniversary! shows the utilization data (still incredibly high) and a list of good reasons for the upgrade (… The best thing would be changing the browser!)

Compatibility, safety and generally the pleasure of surfing “up with the times” should have pushed towards an earlier upgrade!

In the meantime I remind all our partners to make your code compatible with all standard browsers. In any case WebHat CMS runs perfectly on every browser!