Consumer’s identikit

Who are the eConsumers of today’s? Always connected, careful to read between posts and comments of other consumers, specialized in eCommerce and real shop windows.

In short a customer can hardly be won because in addition to being informed is attentive to the convenience and comfort in making his purchases.

Regarding the propensity to eShopping you get close to 50% of Italians internet users. A little less than 2/3 of the online universe (18.8 million individuals) were instead carried out at least once a purchase as well 8 million are among the regular buyers of goods and services on the Web Over the past two years, this profile showed a trend of steady growth.

This is what emerges from the research “The Future of Commerce – Scenarios and trends between online, offline, social and mobile” made by Human Highway and Netcomm for Ebay, which is presented today in Milan. They analyzed many categories of products and emerges with custom searches on Google before making a choice. This is the common start point for those who purchase online and in traditional stores: the search engine then searches for the sites to compare prices and vendors.

credit-cardIf you need to purchase financial products, the www is a place of research and information-gathering thanks to the comparators. Other information is collected from blogs, forums and various specialized reviews. Then, if the consumer decides to buy online there is a slight increase in the use of the comparators: so you get to 22% from 18% of those who buy offline. The need to save is placed at a level much lower than the average of the other categories considered.

In the purchase of an asset as an item of clothing the many tools that the web provides, as comparators, search engines, magazines, instead spend almost secondary for those who prefer to make the purchase in boutique or shop. We rely on the advice and opinions, however, given by forums, blogs, reviews and comments from friends, a little less than what is said in social networks. The way of the click & pay is essential to the economic convenience, to say online shoppers are two out of three, the opportunity to purchase and the convenience of the service.

Those who opt to go for shopping they do, among many reasons. First of all not to give up the convenience that this form of shopping offers (34% of responses) and especially to be able to see and try the boss. The test dressing thus reaches 60% of the votes and beats the chance to show off your new purchase without having to wait for courier delivery.

The payment

The payment is normally anticipated in advance with a credit card or debit card. The percentages vary depending on the property: in the case of financial products the debit card has a 23% share, the traditional credit card is just over 21% while the bank stood at 16.4%. In the case of clothing debit cards arrive around 30% and credit stop at 21%. Next, as regards PayPal is used in one case out of three for the purchase of financial products and 40% for clothing.

Great attention then to the position taken by consumers in order to decide what kind of advertising campaign is better to promote our eCommerce website. How and where to help SEO of our site and what keywords to focus on. Basically, all the problems that we come in with our products against eCommerce and email marketing.