4 ways to improve your content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn was launched in 2003 as the social network for professionals, and as a landmark of sorts for those who wanted an online space for their resume.

Since then , the platform has grown coming to rely more than 225 million users worldwide. These use LinkedIn as a place not only to present the skills and ambitions, but to have conversations around specific themes in more than 1.8 million groups, search for new jobs and get news about their areas of interest.

linkedinWhen “LinkedIn Today” was launched in 2011, marked a major shift in how users might interact with the platform, and also has quickly turned into a real LinkedIn publishing power . This was reinforced with the introduction of “LinkedIn Influencers”, a feature that gives hundreds of thoughts of the top leaders of the world, a forum through which they share their professional knowledge with the network.

If you’re an entrepreneur, and you only have time for a social network , LinkedIn pick on each other ..

says Dave Kerpen, founder and CEO of Likeable Local , a startup software social media for small businesses , and a LinkedIn Influencer with about 220,000 followers .

LinkedIn will no doubt give you the biggest boost to your business.

For entrepreneurs who are looking to make a splash on LinkedIn largest, these four strategies that will help to direct you on the right track.

1 . Create the basis

With many LinkedIn groups there are a variety of options for entrepreneurs who want to be more active on LinkedIn. But individual people should be aware of how their global profiles are viewed by other users on the network .

For those who were novices on LinkedIn, simply adding a profile picture to your account, increased by seven times the probapiù likely to be seen by others, according to data from LinkedIn.

” Once you’ve done the work of the initial setup , you can get a great return without doing much . ” Says Alexis Grant, founder of Socialexis , a company ‘s digital strategy for small businesses

But beyond the creation of a complete profile , full of keywords, as well as skills and experience , business owners should seriously consider the type of content they share on LinkedIn, as much as they would with Facebook or Twitter.

2 . Find value in LinkedIn Groups

With nearly 2 million LinkedIn Groups , a user can find the conversations for almost any topic – from “Food Industry Jobs” to “Australian Rules Football”.

For entrepreneurs, the LinkedIn groups can be a valuable opportunity to participate in conversations in order to identify the connections of value, on the other hand it can also damage your brand through excessive advertising you themselves.

To maintain control of the conversation, instead of attending to other groups that may be gaps in the topics , some business owners have created their own LinkedIn groups around their area of ​​business. This point can be more attractive to entrepreneurs because of the ability to send messages to members of the group in the form of an ad. Although you may not be able to brand these messages as you would with a newsletter , they may , however, help spread the message and the content of potential customers at no cost to you or your business.

3 . Do not underestimate the influence of SlideShare

LinkedIn has acquired professional content sharing platform SlideShare in 2012. The platform , which allows users to upload and share presentations , infographics and video adds a visual element necessary for the LinkedIn site where the text is limited.

Slideshare can be a driver of business for some entrepreneurs to join the already mentioned LinkedIn.

4 . Understanding the power of being a LinkedIn Influencer

At the moment there are more than 300 L , which are composed of some of the most important thought leaders in the world. When promoted through the platform of LinkedIn Today news , posts from these influencers can have a wide reach.

In fact, on average the posts of Influencer reaching 25,000 views and nearly 100 comments.

For entrepreneurs who are starting new companies or partnerships, the program Influencer LinkedIn can be a great platform to expand the scope of the brand message.

Although LinkedIn does not accept requests for new Influencer at this time, there is no need to be part of this program to have a big impact on LinkedIn. The only difference is that the program gives the possibility to write in long form and has a network of wider distribution.

So, the social network can be your secret weapon for your business, but this is not enough in a world where communication has many facets. So why not integrate your tools with a king in the world of email marketing software as WebHat Newsletter?

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