Finally social eCommerce

Finally the integration of our eCommerce with the social networks is ready!

As soon as the new release is lunched you will be able to tweet or share on facebook one product of your eCommerce that you want to highlight.

What seems to be a secondary function can really improve your shop’s incoming for quite some reasons:

– more users, 1 bilions users were active on Facebook in September 2012

– many users find social networks as a primary information source on products they want to buy (66% of facebook’s active users)

– new products suggested by friends get more attention then the same products suggested by the company. ( almost 70% of the users)

– viceversa 57% uses social networks to ask for advice on products before buying them

When you get to why users share a product these are the answers:

38% share a product they desire (you can do it with the wishlist provided by our eCommerce)

– 35% share something that gave them a good impression

30% share products on sale or promotions

All this data are from a survey of 1819 american facebook’s users.

Think about how many customers are you losing while you don’t use the new WebHat eCommerce!

Much more to come,

Stay tuned!