Flash websites, why it is better to avoid them?

Hello everyone, today we want to talk about a hot topic in the world of the Web, the use of Flash for the creation of websites.

First of all, Flash is a software for creating engaging interactive graph that allows you to create vector animations (mainly for the web), games, web applications and much more. The thing that interests us is precisely the creation of websites and it is important to emphasize that all (or most) web users want to see a cool, fast and functional site. Of course make a Flash site is a lot of fun, “simple” and fast but unfortunately there are some negative aspects to keep in mind, let’s analyze:

1. Textual information and links embedded in Flash are hardly visible to the search engines, so it is less likely to find potential customers.

2. Changes and updates to a site in Flash require any technical skills and very often even for an experienced Flash is hard to read a project created by another graphic / web designer, because in fact there is no rule that prevents a technique instead of following of another. With these difficulties in maintenance costs swell a lot.

3. To view content in Flash, you must install a plug-in, and we know that not everyone has valuable computer skills (even if they use the Web) then you may lose a lot of visitors.

4. There is no doubt that a Flash site has a strong visual impact, but unfortunately all of these animations (often exaggerated) result in a decrease in performance that make our navigation unpleasant and annoying.

So summarizing Flash is an excellent graphics program and is often used to create animations for banners, games and more … but what we can recommend is to avoid sites of commercial importance, you could use it for your personal website as a business card.

See you soon.