Tips to avoid spam and abuse

Today I thought of writing a mini-guide to follow before to send a newsletter in order to make the most efficient possible our email marketing campaign.

First a few tips for viewing the various mail clients:

– In the template is better to use a table structure because products from Microsoft (Internet Explorer, Outlook and Hotmail) can cause problems.

– Use inline styles because those in the Head section are interpreted by the browser but not from the mail client.

Before passing to the composition of a newsletter is very important to check the list that we intend to use for sending. WebHat Newsletter provides its users a convenient tool that checks syntax of email addresses and check the existence of a mail service.

This tool is accessible through “Start -> Newsletter -> Wizard”, in the second step select th list to check and click on “Analyze”. In the new window you’ll  have the opportunity to check two types of controls, syntax and mail service, and once the process is completed, in the lower panel, we will have a list of all addresses that have had problems and we can, through the appropriate buttons, delete or just turn them off. I take this opportunity to remember that the lists are created through a registration form, so you can’t import purchased lists that do not respect that prerogative.

Then, once you are ready to compose, it always pays to double check using another handy feature of WebHat Newsletter, the “AntiSpam Control” that lets you know if some elements of our newsletter can increase the risk of being considered as SPAM.

Of course, I have to mention another tool to optimize the delivery of our newsletter, the adoption of a license of WebHat Appliance Newsletter, which provides a dedicated server, dedicated IP with the ability to associate a dedicated domain, all with same functionality offered by WebHat Newsletter with the addition also of the ability to attach images to emails (embedded images).

Stay Tuned!