SEO Factors: what affects the positioning in search engines (part 1)

  • SEO Factors: what affects the positioning in search engines (part 1)

    There are many factors that affect the search engine rankings of a website or a web page. A research conducted by SEOmoz – American company that specializes in providing software solutions for t...
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  • E-commerce: online sales are increasing!

    Hear! Hear! Online purchases are increasing in our country! It seems incredible in this period of standstill but Italians trust more and more to buy products online, so why miss this opportunity? Onli...
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  • WebHat Newsletter gets a new look

    We are working on a brand new interface for WebHat Newsletter‘s wizard, easier and more complete. With the new wizard you can: – edit the fields of your lists – view all your subscr...
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  • Optimize your website for Mobile

    The development of the world of mobile devices continues to grow dramatically and it is clear that it becomes a priority to have a system easily accessible even for this technology. What we want to ta...
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  • Linkedin celebrates 10 years and thanked its users!

    It’s from the largest that we must grasp the ideas and learn! And Linkedin – maybe not for the age because yesterday just turned 10 years old, but certainly for the size of their community...
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  • Photos, photos, photos!

    Experts predict that this year the sales of smartphones will surpass that of standard mobile phones … This means that most people will have in his pocket a device with a camera and app that shar...
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  • What is Facebook EdgeRank and how can it help our marketing?

    Most of Facebook users spend more than a quarter of his or her time on the site scrolling through the news feed. For users, that means a lot of baby pictures and stale memes. For brands this is a good...
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  • App Store: is approaching the milestone of 50 billion downloads!

    A few days away from the tenth birthday of iTunes comes a great news: App Store is about to reach 50 billion apps downloaded. A goal that could be achieved in a short time seen the dizzying pace at wh...
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  • Call to action!

do you know what is the “call to action”? It ‘s just an invitation to take some action.
The call to action are essential elements within the web interfaces since they brin...
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  • Size matters, trust me!

    No, we’re not crazy! We are talking about Web Marketing more specifically about banner conversions / call to action related to the image’s dimension. Many studies demostrated that the bigg...
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